Get Creative Without Splurging – Tips For Cheap Craft Supplies

Preschool craft ideas for kids are a great way to teach kids to develop their skills, identify objects and also use their creativity. It helps kids to unleash their talent in different fields, like drawing, painting, or sketching. It can also be a great and enjoyable learning experience for them. And best of all, they are having fun.

Here is one of my favorite craft projects. It is a Crown Sand Art kit. You get 24 crown templates. There are 6 different designs and you get four of each one. You also get packages of sand. The tops of the crowns are adhesive or you get some glue…then you color in each of the crowns using packs of colored sand. These are so much fun to make and look great when you are done. You also get lots so the fun can go on and on.

For free craft supplies, try looking in your own yard, open spaces and trails, friends’ yards, city parks, or even next to roadways. Be aware that removing items from some areas, such as national parks, is illegal.

Old greeting cards, ornaments and even buttons can really come in handy. Collect small glass jars or buy some cheap candle votive jars. Cut out pretty scenes, flowers, or shapes like stars and squiggles, and glue them to the jar. You can even collect letters to spell out your name. Gold, silver and sparkly/glittery objects look especially beautiful when the candlelight shines through the jar. Simply glue the cutouts to the jars and you’ll have beautiful, personalized candle holders for your home.

Cutting. Does the paper cut easily with scissors or will it need a craft knife, metal ruler and cutting board? Many papers can be torn for different effect. If you know the type of cut you want, you can choose a your paper accordingly. Use a good paper of paper scissors or a safety knife with a retractable blade. Always retract the blade after using, or cover with a protective sheath.

Use glue or modpodge to fix pieces of scrap book paper, magazine cuttings or fabric scraps to the back of the rock. Make sure the image or decorative side is attached to the rock so it is visible from the other side.

This is a fun way to show your love for the beach. You can easily make some wineglass charms using some wire, pretty beads, hot glue, felt to match your seashell and seashells.

How about making a Glittering Fairy Wand? You can find a craft kit that comes with the supplies you need to make 12 magic wands. Each of the 12 kits comes with a 12″ wooden dowel and star shaped foam cutouts. You will have to supply the glue to attach the stars to the wooden sticks. Add some glitter to make your wand sparkle!

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